Watch: Our Senior Editor Tries the Limited-Edition Nars Man Ray Collection

Watch: Our Senior Editor Tries the Limited-Edition Nars Man Ray Collection

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Though it feels like summer only recently turned to fall, we're already gearing up for the shimmery, gilded makeup looks best served up during the holidays. So I felt it appropriate to take one of the season's most anticipated offerings-Nars's Man Ray collection-and give it a go on camera.

Man Ray was an artist who came to prominence in the 1930s and contributed to the Dada and Surrealist movements. His iconic image "The Lovers," in which he drew lips in the sky above the water, is what served as inspiration for Nars's limited-edition collection.

Now that you've read a little bit of the history, let's get down to the makeup. My favorites (I try them on above) are the Overexposed Glow Highlighter in Double Take ($42), the Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette ($49), and the Noire et Blanche Audacious Lipstick Coffret ($55). The highlighter is a champagne shimmer meant to look like a second skin. It's luminous in a universally flattering way (trust me, my cool-toned skin never usually works with a golden shade).

The eye shadow in Tryst is equally as flattering, sheer if you want it to be but absolutely buildable. Once I applied a few layers of the shadow, I had this super-pigmented, glittery gold look I couldn't wait to re-create for a holiday party.

For a final touch, I topped it off with the super-creamy Dolores shade included in the lipstick set. It was glossier than I usually go for but adds the special oomph you want for a holiday look.

The result? A totally easy-to-pull-off, chic face of makeup that has a special history to boot. If only it were December…