A Look Back at the 10 Most Iconic Beauty Moments of 2018

A Look Back at the 10 Most Iconic Beauty Moments of 2018

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As 2018 draws to a close, we find ourselves in a state of reflection. Politically, this year was tumultuous and at times heartbreaking, which is why, when we find ourselves in a particularly dire state of mind, we like to lighten our moods by reflecting on something that didn't disappoint this year: the beauty looks. Whether they graced our eyes via our Instagram feeds or gleamed at us from a newsstand, this year brought us everything from Ariana Grande's pared-down, ponytail-less British Vogue cover to a Korean nail artist's viral diamond nail art. In the spirit of indulging in all things bright and mood-boosting, we thought we'd revisit some of the most iconic beauty moments of 2018. To brighter days ahead!

Ariana Grande's British Vogue Cover

Ariana Grande left us all breathless with her July 2018 British Vogue cover, which featured the singer in a toned-down look, complete with a smattering of freckles. Her signature ponytail? Nowhere to be found.В

Bella Hadid's Smoldering Smoky Eye


We instantly saved this look makeup artist Hung Vanngo created for Bella Hadid, which featured aВ smoldering, glitter-flecked smoky eye and oozed glamour.В

Unistella's Crystal Nails

Famed Korean nail artist Unistella, the creator of last year's glass-nail trend, created another nail look pinned around the world: this crystal-encrusted work of (nail) art.В

Rihanna's British Vogue Cover

Did Rihanna single-handedly usher back in the era of skinny brows? Probably not (thankfully), but that doesn't make her September British Vogue cover any less iconic.В

Christina Aguilera's Makeunder

Who can forget Christina Aguilera's March Paper magazine cover, which featured the singer makeup-free and looking like she aged in reverse.

Shay Mitchell's Bubblegum-Pink Eyes


Makeup artist Patrick Ta proved that pink on the eyes can be incredibly flattering with this jaw-dropping bubblegum look he created on Shay Mitchell.В

Halsey's Natural Hair


In August, HalseyВ posted a stunning photo of her natural hair,В dedicating it to "all these fades she outgrew."В

SZA's Met Gala Halo

Karwai Tang/Getty

SZA arrived looking like a true angel at this year's Met Gala, where the theme was Heavenly Bodies. We'd say she nailed it.В

Valentino's Emerald Eyes

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Per usual, Pat McGrath stunned us all at Valentino's spring/summer couture collection by encrusting models' eyes with crystals in different jewel tones.В

Joan Smalls's Violet Eyes and Black Nails


Makeup artist Hung Vanngo makes a case for matching your eye shadow to your nails.В Not the same colors necessarily, but the same vibe, in this case, edgy and badass.

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