"It's Basically Freedom for Your Mind": Martha Hunt on Her Go-To Wellness Ritual

"It's Basically Freedom for Your Mind": Martha Hunt on Her Go-To Wellness Ritual

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Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

When you scroll through Martha Hunt's Wikipedia page, among the many accolades she's acquired throughout her decade-long career-hitting the Paris Fashion Week runway for Issey Miyake in 2007, walking hundreds more shows, covering countless magazines, earning her Victoria's Secret Angel wings in 2015-is a single sentence under the Personal Life category that reads: "Hunt practices Transcendental Meditation."

It's pretty standard for models to engage in healthful wellness practices-popular picks being yoga, boxing, and clean eating-but transcendental meditation stood out as a unique wellness ritual that isn't so ubiquitous, particularly among the model-off-duty set. So when I sat down with Victoria's Secret Every Day Angel Hunt in L.A. to preview the brand's newestВ Body by Victoria collectionВ now in three lining levels, the first thing I asked was for her to tell me more about the practice.

After having a laugh that the factoid appeared on her Wiki page, Hunt explained that "transcendental meditation is your mind's vehicle to creativity-emptiness to whatever you want your mind to go to. It's basically freedom for your mind." Despite her jam-packed schedule, Hunt makes time for the practice for 20 minutes twice a day, ideally, but says even doing it once a day makes a big difference. "It helps to clear out all the BS in life."

Though transcendental meditation is her favorite wellness ritual, Hunt says yoga is a good way to wind down and get a workout in at the same time. "I do think taking care of yourself, whether it's an hour of the day at a workout or an hour of the day getting a massage, is very important in your overall well-being." Lately, the model has been doing more restorative workouts like yoga and Pilates instead of weights but is always switching it up to keep things exciting and effective.

"I think you just have to figure out what's best for your body," she explains. "For me, I find the best results when I mix it up. And you keep challenging your body and tricking it. Otherwise, it gets used to the same routine, and you don't feel like you're seeing changes as quickly."