Jessica Alba Reveals 3 Secrets to Perfect Hair

Jessica Alba Reveals 3 Secrets to Perfect Hair

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Honest Beauty

Jessica Alba went from movie star goddess to beauty product entrepreneur when she launched Honest Beauty. A collection of effective skincare and makeup products thatВ are made from clean ingredients was her goal, and she delivered in spades. Rather than sitting back and enjoying the success, though, Alba decided to take Honest Beauty a step further-she launched hair-styling products that boast non-irritating formulas as well as incredible results.

After using the entire lot, I can confidently say they're really greatВ in that I'll use this product for the rest of my life kind of way. They smell like a sun-drenched holiday, don't include harsh ingredients, and will make your hair do, well, exactly what you want it to do-every time. We called up Alba to discuss everything from her all-time favorite product to the best way to get out the door in five minutes flat.В

Honest Beauty

When deciding which products she wanted to create, Alba took a look at her own everyday essentials and saw a hole in the marketplace. "I really felt like girls (and guys!) needed real options in haircare that performed but didn't contain a lot of the ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and things like that. Having no synthetic fragrances and cleaner ingredients really is something I'm passionate about-I do have lots of sensitivities. I do care about what's in and around my environment, and I was always seeking better working products. You really couldn't find performance and quality of ingredients."

And then the was the question of scent-something that is so paramount in a hair product. Alba explained her process, "When it comes down to it, for me, haircare is sensual, and I really wanted the scent profiles to feel warm-almost good enough to eat. That really played into it when I was making the products. There's this place I like to go to with my family on vacation and the way it smells is so warm, sensual, and awesome. The bergamot, mer, and warm almond reminds me of this place. It's cool because when you're at work in the day-to-day grind and you smell the products, it smells like vacation."

We took a quick break to discuss her color-those sunny, ombrГ© strands that Alba has been painting on far before it was a viral trend. "Robert Ramos has always done my color," Alba explained. I asked what to say to the colorist in order to replicate her lived-in look and she explained the importance of creating dimension. "I like warmer honey colors, and instead of just two colors in your hair, ask for a blend of colors. Hair is multifaceted, and there are many different tones in there, and I think the more that you can keep it tonally mixed, the better. Robert puts three to four different colors in my highlights. And it doesn't have to be perfect-you can do it in different sections. So it doesn't look like streaks in your hair, you can do it really naturally and lived-in. I think it looks better to have a little bit of that root or growth."

Honest Beauty Honestly Effortless Sea Salt Spray $18Shop

Formulated with Himalayan pink sea salt and algae extract, this lightweight formula is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants to nourish your hair as it gives you an effortless-looking texture.

I furiously scribbled down her advice, as I've been a fangirl of her honey highlights since the early 2000s. I inquired about her all-time favorite Honest Beauty product. Alba responded, "That's really hard because use everything! Daily I use the Honestly Effortless Sea Salt SprayВ ($18) and the Beyond Hydrated Moisture Milk Leave-In ConditionerВ ($20). She continued, "When I'm getting a blowout, I love to start with theВ Honestly Uplifted Volumizing SprayВ ($24)В and the Honestly Protected Heat Defense SprayВ ($24). And then, depending on where I'm going from there, I'll put the Honestly Polished Dry Condition + Shine SerumВ ($20) on my ends, whether I'm doing a off-duty wave or a sleek look."

Alba's longtime hairstylist and Honest Beauty ambassador Jennifer Yepez, weighed in on the best way to layer the products to achieve your desired look. Luckily, you can pretty much do no wrong: "You can literally use the whole line for any look you want. If you want sleek, the only thing you wouldn't use is the Sea Salt Spray,В which adds that awesome texture. All the products are great for layering and don't weigh your hair down. The styling products work for everyone no matter what hair texture you have, so experiment and have fun with them!"

Honest Beauty Honestly Uplifted Volumizing Spray $24Shop

Before this conversation, I went in for a blowout with a few of her products layered in, and, truly, the root-lift spray kept my hair voluminous for a week straight.В

Since we find ourselves constantly rushing to get out the door (I'm certainly not a morning person), I chatted with Alba about the best ways to use her products when you're running late. She advised, “Wash your hair the night before, and go to bed with it towel-dried-just put a little bit of the Beyond Hydrated Moisture Milk Leave-In Conditioner ($20) on your ends. That way, when you wake up, you don't have frizzy ends, and you can add sea salt spray throughout your hair and run out the door. Layering those products together is a great, textured five-minute look."

Honest Beauty Beyond Hydrated Moisture Milk Leave-In Conditioner $20Shop

Created with coconut juice and hyaluronic acid help keep your hair healthy and hydrated, this leave-in conditioning milk adds softness, shine, and keeps your dry ends moisturized-no matter what.

Since we're all about forsaking beauty rules and breaking down boundaries, I talked a bit about traditional beauty rules. Like me, Alba loves to embrace her frizz. She also doesn't listen when she's told to go a few days without washing her hair. "I do wash my hair every day because I like to stimulate my scalp. When I have a bunch of product layered on my scalp, my hair won't grow as much. I always scrub my scalp, and I wash my hair a minimum of every other day. But usually it's every day. I don't necessarily wash the rest of my hair, but definitely my scalp." She makes a good point, as I probably have threeВ days of layered dry shampoo currently residing on my scalp.В

Have you tried Honest Beauty? What do you think of the new products? Sound off in the comments below.