Lo Bosworth's New Fiber Supplement Cured My Chronic Bloating

Lo Bosworth's New Fiber Supplement Cured My Chronic Bloating

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I've always been somewhat weary of fiber supplements, probably because when I think of them, a handful of gross-tasting powders that work way too aggressively come to mind. That said, though, I also used to be skeptical about feminine hygiene products-until I tried the pH Balancing Cleanser and Perfect Condition Vitamins from Love Wellness, a feminine health and wellness line founded by Lo Bosworth of Laguna Beach fame. Within days after trying both, I was seriously impressed, so I also had high hopes for the brand's newest offering, Sparkle Fiber, which launches today. True to form, and Bosworth's word, I wasn't disappointed.В

Quick background: For whatever reason, or probably a combination of them (like eating an unhealthy meal, skipping a workout or not remembering to sip enough water throughout the day), I experience a fair amount of regular bloating. Nothing debilitating, but definitely uncomfortable, and I think a lot of women can relate. In addition to all of the aforementioned vices and missteps, Bosworth tells me that this bloating could be due, at least in part, to not eating enough fiber.В

“Fiber is an important piece of the gut health puzzle,” Bosworth explains. “It's just as important as taking probiotics, but it's gotten an embarrassing reputation from old-school marketing that highlights a single benefit that most people would prefer to keep private.”

That benefit, of course, would be regularity-and as important as that is to our overall health, Bosworth says that fiber can offer so much more. “Fiber is a critical part of our diets as it feeds our good gut bacteria and helps to optimize digestive and overall health,” she says. “It also alleviates bloating, helps with healthy weight management, improves energy, and helps with clear skin.”

Bosworth is onto something here, in my opinion, because as mentioned, the fiber powders and supplements of decades past are often tedious to add into your routine (mixing powder with water, remembering to drink it) and they can also be somewhat aggressive (re: cause weird intestinal pains that, for lack of a better way of saying it, make you spend too much time in the bathroom). But that's not to say that they aren't necessary, especially because, according to Bosworth, it's believed that up to 50 percent of American women don't eat enough fiber in their daily diets.В

Like all of the Love Wellness products, the idea for Sparkle Fiber came from Bosworth's own experience; after finding out she was sensitive to gluten and whole grains, she needed a way to incorporate more fiber into her diet, but couldn't find any quality supplements that didn't come with unpleasant side effects. So, she created one with all-natural, food-derived ingredients like organic broccoli, spinach, and celery. Sparkle Fiber also contains some of the same digestive enzymes as are in the brand's popular Bye-Bye Bloat supplement (which also earned our stamp of approval).

Love Wellness Sparkle Fiber $30Shop

To test it out, I started slow, as recommended on the box, with just one supplement for the first two days, then two a day for two days, and finally three per day-the recommended daily dosage after your body adjusts to all the new fiber coming in. You're also supposed to take each dose with a full glass of water to keep things moving and help your body digest the fiber. The pills are a normal size and have no weird taste, and they didn't make my stomach upset at all (as some supplements do).В

I'll spare you all of the intimate details, but at no point did I feel uncomfortable or cramp-y, and I definitely wasn't running off to the bathroom any more than normal. Instead, I just felt lighter and more cleaned-out, so to speak. The bloated feeling that normally pops up a few times a week has more or less subsided altogether (even after a Friday night that consisted of way too much pasta and wine). I can't attest to the other long-term benefits (like skin health and increased energy) just yet, as I've only been taking it for about a week, but I can say that just like I was with all of the other Love Wellness products I've tried, I am truly impressed right off the bat.В

Sparkle Fiber is available for $30 (or $24 if you sign up for a monthly subscription) starting today on Lovewellness.com.В


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