I Took Skin-Plumping Pills for One Week-Here's What Happened to My Skin

I Took Skin-Plumping Pills for One Week-Here's What Happened to My Skin

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They say there's no such thing as a magic pill. But when the pill in question is hyaluronic acid, is there an exception? I'd been hearing a lot of buzz about ingestible hyaluronic acid (which our bodies produce naturally, but the production of which declines as we age, like everything good in life), so when a box landed on my desk, it was a no-brainer to put it to the test.

The hyaluronic acid pills I tested were from Biocyte, a French brand that is extremely difficult to find online, but there are alternative options out there. I have chronic acid reflux (lucky me), so I was wondering if taking a pill with acid in the title would have any gastric effects, but it was surprisingly easy to stomach. I experienced absolutely zero physical side effects, which is all you can hope for when taking a new supplement. The box said to take one pill (200mg) every morning with breakfastВ and a large glass of water. I wondered why it had to be taken in the morning, and with food and water, but I followed the instructions and had no issues.

The box also says that you are supposed to take the pills every day for three months, so I didn't expect to get the plumpest skin of my life after just seven days. When the week was over, I can't say that I had noticed a "lifted" look or any fine lines that looked less prominent, but something very telling did happen. When the test week began, I had been experiencing one of the worst outbreaks of my perioral dermatitis, a chronic skin condition I've had for several years marked by horrible, cystic scabs and red, inflamed skin. By the time the week had ended, my flare-up was completely gone-all without any other change to my diet and or my usual skincare routine. In short, nothing else in my life had changed except the pills, and a serious flare-up had completely gone away. For me, that was enough to demonstrate the product's benefits, and I definitely plan to keep taking it daily.

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