7 Makeup Tips Fair-Skinned Celebs Swear By

7 Makeup Tips Fair-Skinned Celebs Swear By

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Choosing makeup for the super-pale set comes with its own rules. The bright pop of blush that looks so natural on others can take us to clown status in one fell sweep-and don't even get us started on contouring.В When it comes to foundation, I've spent years scouring the market for the best products, only to find that they're often either too pink or too orange.В Luckily, fair-skinned muses like Lily Collins and Amanda Seyfried have spilled their beauty secrets, leaving us with a laundry list of items to try.В Here's what seven of our favorite stars have recommended over the past few years.В

David X Prutting/

Lily Collins: “I don't use foundation, just concealer and a reflective blusher for glowing cheeks.” She added, “Lancôme's UV Expert SPF 50 ($39) is awesome because it's a moisturiser with a high SPF. In the summer I slather on sun cream, the higher the SPF the better. My fair English skin tends to burn fast,” Collins told The Telegraph.

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Emma Watson: “Bronzer can sometimes look too cakey, especially if you're really pale like me. A pinky blusher is much nicer: it gives you a lovely glow and subtle flush. Pink instantly makes you look healthier, without looking as though you've just plastered yourself with make-up. I love Stila's Convertible Colour in Fuchsia ($25),” Watson told The Telegraph.

Mike Marsland/WireImage

Liv Tyler: “For foundation, I mix a little bit of Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation in #123 and #12, and put it on really gently with my finger. When someone else does my face, they'll use a sponge, but I never, ever do that when I do my own makeup,” the actress told Into the Gloss.

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Amanda Seyfried: “Since I've been using the Clé de Peau skin care, I have such clear skin, it's amazing. I don't use foundation. It's only been in the past four to five years since I've been with the brand that I've been able to wake up and not cover something up,” the actress told Allure. As for her concealer of choice, she told Glamour she prefers “a touch of Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer in Ivory ($70), because I get red dots all the time-my skin is so sensitive.”

Benjamin Lozovsky/

Kate Bosworth: “In terms of makeup, I definitely believe less is more. I'm constantly on the hunt for the best foundation. Right now, I like the YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Illuminating Foundation ($57). It has a fluidity and workability that keeps it sheer if you want, but you can also add a little bit more,” the actress told Into the Gloss in 2014.

Ben Rosser/

Jaime King: King shared the product essentials that are part of her beauty routine with W last August. “Eve Lom concealer ($40), Caudalie bronzing powder and highlighting duo ($34), Chanel foundation mixed with an Eve Lom moisturizing sunscreen ($68),” the actress said.

In 2013, she told us, “I really don't go in the sun; I'll go in for about 10 minutes a day because you do need vitamin D, but I like to be white, white, white. I use SkinCeuticals's Daily Sun Defense ($40)-it's the best,” she says.”

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company

Lindsay Ellingson: Last April, the model shared her favorite pro makeup tip with Harper's Bazaar that she learned from artist Dick Page: “I was really impressed that he applied lipstick as blush and he applied it before the foundation and it really worked. I started doing that and it makes the blush look a lot more natural.”

Will you be trying out any of these products? Tell us in the comments below!


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