8 Beauty Secrets Only French Girls Know

8 Beauty Secrets Only French Girls Know

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It's hard to believe that fashion month is already drawing to a close, but not before one last stop: Paris Fashion Week officially kicks off today, and from backstage to the runway to those romantique cobblestone streets, we can only imagine what gorgeousness awaits us in the days ahead.

Then again, do we ever need an occasion to celebrate French beauty? If truth be told, we aspire to that impossibly effortless aesthetic all year long. (Wine, rumpled locks, and next-day eyeliner: French girls do it right.) So we thought it only fitting to mark fashion month's finale by counting down our very favorite French beauty tips of all time, straight from natives who know it best. From the world's easiest diet secrets to a Parisian model's must-know skincare routine, your ultimate road map to French girl beauty is below.


Getting a French-girl mane is really about what not to do. Here are six other hair habits to swear off.

French women know thatВ laziness and healthy hair are not mutually exclusive. The trick is to find the perfect leave-in treatment and go about your day, embracing that residue and lived-in texture. (Christophe Robin's Huile Lavande, $47, is trГЁs bien.)

Countless Parisians have advised us to ditch cleanser first thing in the morning in favor of a micellar solution or just plain water, Louise Fallain included. Check out the rest of the model's covetable beauty routine.

Choose one feature and make that the focus, whether that's a red lip or kohl-lined eyes. Here are nine other French beauty commandments.

French women know the power of an alluring scent. Spritz the clothes in your closet, and take a tip from Caudalie co-founder Mathilde Thomas: “Spray a cotton handkerchief with your favorite fragrance and keep it in your handbag,” she tells Allure. “Everything will smell divine each time you open your bag.”

France does drugstore beauty better than anyone else. And fortunately, you don't need a plane ticket to Paris to get your haul. Peep 15 cult-loved French drugstore products you can find online.

Through her work with Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas has spent tons of time in her homeland and the States, learning about the beauty habits of women in both countries. Here'sВ what she's learned.

The French approach to dieting and fitness is practical but reasonable: Feeling good (rather than killing yourself on the treadmill) is the priority, and allowing yourself to regularly indulge is a non-negotiable.

What's your favorite French beauty product? Call it out in the comments below!


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