5 Wedding Hair Rules That Are Outdated

5 Wedding Hair Rules That Are Outdated

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Planning a wedding can be an overwhelmingly emotional experience. As someone who's currently doing just that, I've already experienced elation (finding the dress), disappointment (discovering a Kimye-style flower wall did not fit my budget) and frustration (mother of the bride = bossy). The most constant emotion, of course, is excitement. A huge part of which revolves around choosing a veil-appropriate hairstyle for my big day.

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted (loose, tousled), but that was before a well-meaning wedding planner informed me that if I went ahead with my vision, my photos would likely be ruined by the scourge that is flyaways. Apparently, there wereВ a whole host of bridal hair "rules" I hadn't considered-including the idea that all wives-to-be should aim to grow theirs as long as possible.

Inspired by these hair rules, I've compiled a list of five old-school guidelines I won't be following on my wedding day. Keep reading for my list of bridal hair rules that were made to be broken.


Most brides, given the choice, would probably elect to hire a professional stylist for their big day-but that doesn't mean it's non-negotiable. As someone who dislikes blow-drys (strange given my line of work), I can attest to the fact that sometimes the person who styles your hair best is you. If you can achieve the look you want yourself, save your cash and splash it elsewhere.


In my opinion, this one belongs in the same category as "bridal makeup should be natural-looking". If you want to look like a polished version of your everyday self, go for a refined 'do and subtle makeup. Dreaming of an updo, veil andВ glamorous redВ lips?В You're allowed to do that, too.


Remember when wedding hair was so heavily lacquered that even a sudden breeze couldn't shift a single strand? Thankfully we've moved on from overly stiff styles, but impossibly smooth blowouts (the kind that only the keratin-straightenedВ among us can achieve) still abound. If your strands refuse to stay straight, consider anВ unstructured style instead-they look just as lush.


This one is seemingly based on common sense-the longer your hair, the more styling options available to you. But what if you prefer your strands short? Don't feel the pressure to suddenly grow mermaid-like lengths unless you want to. If you usually wear your hair short, there's probably a reason. The reason being: it suits you.


Any bride worth her Pinterest wedding board knows the power of a good reference picture. Compiling images of looks you love is a great start, but don't fall into the trap of developing tunnel vision and becoming inflexible. Consider your hair type, color, and texture, as well as the style of your dress and accessories when deciding whether a style will suit you.

One hair rule you will want to follow pre-wedding, is keeping yours in good condition. We love using Christophe Robin's Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed OilВ ($71) asВ a luxe home treatment.

What do you think of these wedding hair "rules"?В For more bridal beauty ideas, keep reading to get the scoop on top nuptial nail trends.


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