We're Calling It: "Poolside Blue" Is About to Be Summer's Biggest Makeup Trend

We're Calling It: "Poolside Blue" Is About to Be Summer's Biggest Makeup Trend

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Makeup trends are almost always driven by nature. In autumn, when leaves litter the ground, we're drawn to warm ochre and umber tones. In winter, when we're stuck inside a polar vortex of ice and snow, we're drawn to frosty and shimmery shades (or, on the flip side, dark and moody ones). We play with pastels in spring, and we opt for vivid primary colors in summer. Like we said before, makeup tends to mirror the season.

That's certainly true when it comes to the latest makeup trend sweeping across Instagram. Everyone from beauty bloggers to makeup artists and celebrities are sharing pictures of blue eye makeup. It's not just any blue eye makeup, though. It's a specific shade of blue that's reminiscent of makeup looks seen in Miami Beach in the '60s and '70s. The retro blue is somehow bright and diffused at the same time, like a splash of glistening pool water-which is exactly why we've coined it "Poolside Blue." Keep scrolling to see this unique shade of blue for yourself, and learn why it's set to become summer's biggest makeup trend.

Here it is: Poolside Blue. It's a shade of aquamarine that makes us think of hazy days spent lounging by the pool in the midst of summer (hence the name). Not only is it undeniably striking, but it also happens to flatter every skin tone under the sun.

When Poolside Blue is painted all the way across the lid, and defined with a darker cobalt blue in the crease, it looks like it came straight out of an ad campaign from the late-60s or early-70s. In other words, it's right in tune with the retro trend that's been sweeping the beauty world as of late. We think Twiggy would approve of this look.

Salem Mitchell wore Poolside Blue eyeshadow with a coat of light-reflecting gloss over the top. When it has a wet-look sheen, like it does here, it gives whole new meaning to the name. To achieve a similar result on your own, apply a blue eyeshadow and dab Make Beauty's Face Gloss ($25) over the top. It's a transparent gloss that can be used as a highlighter or eyeshadow topper, as it offers up shimmer-free shine.

Here, makeup artist Caitlin Wooters combines a shimmery-almost transparent-version of Poolside Blue with a white cut crease and blue crystals in the inner corners of the eyes. We only have one word for this look: breathtaking.

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes also seems to be a proponent of this unique shade. She created this stunning makeup look using Huda Beauty's Matte & Metal Melted Double Ended Eyeshadow ($25). She posted the picture to her Instagram, and captioned it "Miami Vibes." See? We weren't the only ones that took one look at this color and thought "South Beach in the '60s."

Celebrities are in on the trend, too. Makeup artist William Scott created this Poolside Blue eye makeup look for Rachel Brosnahan. Look closely, and you'll see that the outer corners are winged out into a graphic cat-eye shape. Thanks to the shape, and Brosnahan's slicked-back hair, this take on the Poolside Blue trend feels especially fresh and modern.

Getty ImagesВ

Poolside Blue eye makeup is even approved by the fashion elite. Supermodel Adwoa Aboah wore this stunning watercolor makeup to attend a summer gallery party. Notice how the blue is balanced out with a touch of white shadow on the center of her lids, as well as some white liner on her lower lash line. It makes her eyes look round and awake.

В Getty Images

Lily Collins wore a dusky, diffused version of Poolside Blue to attend a screening of her new movie, Tolkien. We love the way the eyeshadow and the gold hair accessory complement one another. We'll be taking inspiration by pairing our Poolside Blue eye makeup with a gold hair accessory, too, such as the Beachwaver Solid Gold Hair Cuff ($12).

Getty ImagesВ

If you want to go as bold as possible, take inspiration from Rita Ora. Her makeup artist, Kathy Jeung, packed what appears to be a powder shadow onto her eyelids before blending it up past her crease. What starts out as super opaque blends away into smoky and diffused nothingness.

Have we inspired you to take part in summer's #1 makeup trend? If so, keep scrolling to see the 5 products we're currently using to create our own Poolside Blue eye makeup looks.

NARS Baby Jane Eyeshadow Single $19Shop

A "Poolside Blue" eyeshadow single does exist, and it comes in the form of this ultra pigmented powder from NARS. Apply it with your fingers or a brush. Then, be sure to blend out the edges for that dusky watercolor effect.

Huda Beauty Sapphire Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette $27Shop

You'd be hard-pressed to find an eyeshadow palette that's more vivid and pigmented than this one from Huda Beauty. Mix the bright teal shade with just a touch of the dark cobalt hue to create your own Poolside Blue color.

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow $62Shop

Dior's eyeshadow palettes look and feel luxurious. This one, which is called Electrify, houses pretty marine blue shades that can be mixed and matched according to your every whim.

Revlon Colorstay Looks Book Player Eye Shadow Palette $5Shop

There are plenty of potential color combinations provided by this Revlon palette, but we think a mix of the two blue shades would result in the trendiest one, since it would create the perfect Poolside Blue hue.

Tom Ford Emotionproof Eyeliner in Blueblood $43Shop

If powder eyeshadows aren't your thing, try swiping on a blue eyeliner crayon, like this one from Tom Ford. It's creamy and super pigmented. We recommended starting by wiggling the color into your lash line. Then, use a blending brush to sweep it up and out.

We want to see your take on the Poolside Blue trend. Tag us on Instagram @byrdiebeauty. Then, check out our 15 favorite summer makeup palettes.

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