Makeup Artist Katie Jane Hughes Swears By this $11 French Skincare Product

Makeup Artist Katie Jane Hughes Swears By this $11 French Skincare Product

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Katie Jane Hughes is the makeup artist extraordinaire behind some of our favorite eye looks. They're colorful, inventive, and never boring. In fact, her unique and unexpected eye makeup looks are like a breath of fresh air to us. She might do a glossy spring green eye one day and a powdery periwinkle eye the next. (May we recommend checking out her Instagram Live tutorials? Watching them can be an almost meditative experience, and somewhere along the way, you'll find yourself reaching for creative and vivid makeup shades that you were once convinced you could never pull off. She has that effect.)

Here, she shares her all-time-favorite, can't-be-without, crГЁme de la crГЁme beauty products that are always in her kit. See the classic French pharmacy skincare product she uses before every makeup application, the buzzy highlighter that she says breathes "life" into the skin, and the contour shade she says is perfect for sculpting pale skin tones. To see all of these and more, watch the full video above.


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