Our Features Editor Shares 5 Makeup Products She Can't Live Without

Our Features Editor Shares 5 Makeup Products She Can't Live Without

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Amanda Montell

I've always said my time is more valuable than my money, but when it comes to makeup products, I'd say both matter in equal measure. I leave myself about 10 minutes to get ready in the morning (What can I say? I'm a sleeper), meaning I want my makeup to be super high-performance and easy to apply, helping me look like I was responsible enough to dedicate more than three Phoebe Bridgers songs' worth of time to my face.

Multitasking makeup products are kind of my thing, so when my editor asked if I'd do a Facebook Live video demonstrating my five favorite makeup products, I knew exactly what to choose. Because even though I own probably 200 makeup products (I'm not proud of that fact, by the way), I only really use five to 10 of them on the regular. I'm not a direction follower, either. So even if something says "highlighter" on the packaging, I have no problem using it as an eye shadow if the ingredients and formula work. I'll use lip balm as blush, foundation as concealer… The list goes on.

Watch the video below to find my five favorite multitasking makeup products of the bunch. These are the (cruelty-free) finds I use almost every day to keep myself looking half-decent-and sometimes even a little bit better.

Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eye Shadow Palette $39ShopSisley Paris Phyto Lip Twist $50ShopModelCo More Brows Fibre Gel $18ShopKoh Gen Do Aqua Foundation $70ShopKosas Color & Light: Creme $34Shop

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