These Cruelty-Free Australian Makeup Brands Actually Work

These Cruelty-Free Australian Makeup Brands Actually Work

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IfВ cruelty free is a non-negotiable for you when it comes to beauty, you've likely tried a bunch of brands that are just, underwhelming-true? Basically, we believe that opting to go cruelty free shouldn't mean compromising on quality, so we've done and leg work and hand-picked five brands that are both cruelty free, and perform the way you want them too. Oh, and they're all Australian made, too. From highlighter to concealer, there's not a product you won't be able to find in the below list. Keep scrolling for our picks, and happy shopping!В


Australis Lip Slip Lip Oil $15 $11Shop

Drugstore favourite Australis is our go-to for a cheap makeup thrill, and what's more is that the brand is home-grown, and against animal testing. This lip oil gives off some serious French-girl vibes-we love it paired with a punchy coral blush, and dark, fluffy lashes.В

Endota Spa Colour

Endota Spa Colour Natural Lip and Cheek Tint $38Shop

This cream blush from home-grown brand Endota is spiked with hyaluronic acid for plump, juicy skin (in the best possible way). Press it onto lips and cheeks for a flush reminiscent of summer.В

Nude By Nature

Nude By Nature Flawless Concealer $25Shop

Aside form being a crowd favourite, Nude by Nature has a seriously impressive range of cruelty free colour cosmetics. This buttery concealer stick is a multi-tasking hero, covering both under-eye circles and blemishes with ease.В

Scout Cosmetics

Scout Cosmetics Eye Liner Chubbi Pencil $25Shop

Scout is a great underground Australian brand started by Sylvie Hutchings, who had long worked in beauty, but found it difficult to find a clean nail polish formula she felt safe using whilst undergoing chemo treatments while she was battling cancer. Thus, Scout Cosmetics was born, and has since been a project very close to her heart. The Chubbi Pencil is basically as foolproof as it gets when it comes to eye shadow. Just draw a line close to the lashes, and blend with your finger.В


Inika Organics Certified Organic Cream Illuminisor $45Shop

Inika is a rare brand that marries a high quality product with organic, vegan, and cruelty free status. This creamy highlighter is strikingly similar to the cult-loved RMS version, and leaves skin with a dewy gloss, as opposed to a high-shine glitter.В


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