Orly Nail Polish Is Seriously Underrated-These Are the Best Shades

Orly Nail Polish Is Seriously Underrated-These Are the Best Shades

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The nail polish aisle is quite a sight to see, to say the least, bursting with colors galore stacked side by side, labeled and organized by shade ranges and brands, resembling a rainbow. You've got options. When such an array of shadesВ is in front of you, it's so easy to overlook hidden gems. Orly is one of those brands you need to take note ofВ if you're not already hip to it. The brand was birthed in Los Angeles in 1975В and has created some of the most innovative formulas and coolest colors since its inception.В

If you're into bold hues and formulas that don't fade, yellow, or streak, you absolutely must get your hands on a few shades. Each bottle is equipped with a 600-bristle brush that delivers a potent dose of color in two coats max. Plus, it dries fast so you won't have to wait around forever, which feels like the hardest part sometimes, right? There are countless colors to choose from, and we did the not-so-easy job of narrowing it down to our top 10 favorites. Check them out below and add these to your cart ASAP.В

Orly Nail Polish Hot Tropics $8Shop

Fluorescent fuchsia, anyone? Poppy, bright pinks areВ always a good nail idea in our book.В

Orly Nail Polish Confetti $7Shop

A cloudy, pastel pink suits all skin tones so well. It's a soft shade that still makes such a statement.В

Orly Nail Polish Mash Up-Harmonious Mess $7Shop

Winter is quickly approaching,В and this creamy lavender shade will have you wishing itВ were spring. There's no harm in pretending.В

Orly Nail Polish Angel Rain $8Shop

This one-of-a-kind color will remind you of bright cloudy skies. It has a touch of shimmer, allowing an onlooker to spot this metallic blue from miles away.В

Orly Nail Polish Life's a Beach $8Shop

Give a nod to the '80s with this fiery, red-orange combo. It's perfect if you don't want to choose between a true red or a bright orange.В

Orly Nail Polish Hillside Hideout $8Shop

Keep your nails aligned with your fall aesthetic and go for a soft burgundy. This one has hints of shimmer, so it feels festive, too.В

Orly Nail Polish Mansion Lane $9Shop

Think of this as a mauve gray with hints of taupe. It's a chic, winter shade that feels understated and cool.В

Orly Nail Polish Scenic Route $9Shop

Go a little brighter with this neon purple that'll make your nails pop. Then, wait for the compliments to roll in because one can't help but notice this vibrant shade.

Orly Nail Polish Head In the Clouds $8Shop

This muted pink is feminine and professional. Lean on this for a job interview if you want a more low-key shade.В

Orly Nail Polish Shine On Crazy Diamond $8Shop

New Year's is quickly approaching, and you might as well bring it in sparkling. This cool-girl, shimmery shade is equal parts subtle and stylish.В

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