The Step-by-Step Styling Routine Paola Alberdi Uses to Achieve Effortless-Looking Waves

The Step-by-Step Styling Routine Paola Alberdi Uses to Achieve Effortless-Looking Waves

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If you don't recognize her by her name, it's likely you'll recognize Paola Aberdi by her face, which is plastered across various blogs, websites, and street style accounts. She's an influencer, stylist, and designer who is known for her elevated and minimalist style. She might be best known for fashion, but Aberdi is also well-versed in beauty. She is, after all, the creative director of Blank Itinerary, a bilingual online destination for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Below, she shares her best tips and tricks for styling fresh and effortless waves.

I think the most frequently asked questions I get have to do with my hair. What products I use, how I get the perfect waves, how do I keep it so healthy, what color do I dye it? To be honest, my philosophy is, the less you do to your hair the better! A lot of people are surprised to hear that I have never dyed my hair and I keep my everyday routine quite simple! Having a good hair routine is as important as having a good skin care routine. Learning what works for your hair or your skin for that matter takes time. As a rule of thumb, I would say to space out your washing days. The natural oils from your hair keep your hair shiny and healthy so you don't want to strip that from your hair every day. Other than that, here are the simple steps in my daily hair routine.

Step 1: Air Dry Hair w Volume Spray

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I usually let me hair air-dry to avoid too many hot tools but I do blow-dry when I am in a hurry. While my hair is drying, I like to use the Oribe Maxmista. It's a thickening spray that gives you more volume before your hair even dries. (On days that I don't wash my hair, I love to use Oribe's Gold Lust Dry Shampoo $22.)

Step 2: Use a Texturizing Product

Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray $26Shop

Once its dry, I use the Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray to tousle my hair and give it a bit more volume. I use it as a dry shampoo too! Editor's note: this texturizing product is actually a combination of traditional hair spray and dry shampoo. It absorbs excess oil, sets a style, and adds volume and texture, all in one step. As such, it's a favorite of team Byrdie.

Step 3: Curl the Hair

Then, I do my waves. I use a 2-inch barrel-you want to make sure your waves are going in the direction away from your face. Also, I don't comb them out until they cool down. Ed. note: if your hair has a problem holding a curl, try pinning each section up with a clip as soon as you take the iron away. This will encourage the hair to hold the shape as it cools down.


Step 4: Finish with More Hairspray

Once I'm done with my waves, I use more texturizing spray in-between layers of my hair and then I finish off with TresemmГ© Micro Mist Level 1 Hairspray for the perfect loose hold.

Step 5: Use a Hair Mask In-Between Washing

Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak $25Shop

To keep my hair healthy and nourished, I try to do a hair mask about once a week. I love this one from Kiehl's. Ed. note: this mask is formulated for hair that's been overexposed to sun, heat-styling, or hair dye. It uses olive oil, lemon extract, and avocado oil to moisturize and strengthen each strand.

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