Lacy Redway Shares the One Product Most Likely to Be Stolen From Her Kit

Lacy Redway Shares the One Product Most Likely to Be Stolen From Her Kit

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Celebrity stylist Lacy Redway is one of the most skilled artists in the industry. Her range of ability is so broad, she's able to create an insaneВ six-way fishtail braid on Olivia PalermoВ one day and '90s-inspired box braids on Jourdan Dunn the next. But isn't this where all industry experts should be? Hair comes in myriad textures, so to only be able to style types one and two hair is incredibly limiting. Says Redway, "I think it's a testament to the artist when they can do great hair on anyone and everyone. We as an industry have to educate readers as best we can. When I work with clients on red carpet, I'm also showing women of color, 'Hey, you can wear your hair like this, too.' You might need to approach it differently and use different products to get there, but you can do it."

Recently, we got to meet up with the talented craftswoman and learn which products she always brings with her when creating these iconic looks. From a brush she's had so long that it's seen casualties to a hand cream that keeps her tools soft amid all the product usage, below are Redway's five kit must-haves.

Mason Pearson Junior Mixture Hair Brush $170Shop

"This is one of the most notorious items that might come up missing in your kit," says Redway. Perhaps the most popular brush ever used by professionals, the boar bristles help to distribute the hair's natural oils from the scalp throughout the hair while separating and smoothing each strand.

Nexus Comb Thru Volume Finishing Mist $14Shop

"I don't like crunchy curls or texture, so this just really comes out super fine, and I can brush through the hair and redo another style on set," says Redway. It's hold without the sticky, stiff feeling.

R Session Nalu Waver $109Shop

You can clearly see in the video that this curling iron has seen a ton of use, which is a testament to its styling prowess. Redway loves the versatility of this iron, as she can create Marcel waves using both rods or a beachy wave using just one.

Weleda Skin Food $10Shop

Because Redway works with so many different hair products, some sprayed directly onto her hands, she needs a hydrating lotion to revive them after a long day on set, which is exactly what Skin Food provides. "It feels silky, and when I rub it on my hands, it just instantly makes my hands feel baby-soft, and I just love that."

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray $13Shop

While this is technically a volumizing hair spray, Redway usesВ it as a texturizer to create cool-girl beachy waves or to give a wet look some grit.

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