ZoГ« Foster Blake Told Us Her Beauty Routine, and It's As Epic

ZoГ« Foster Blake Told Us Her Beauty Routine, and It's As Epic

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Ever wish you could peek into the beauty cabinets of other women? Ask them about each and every product before you gather your notes and make a beeline for the nearest Mecca? We did too, hence ourВ Real Women, Real RoutinesВ series that will be running for the next month. We're shining a spotlight on actual women, and detailing the ins and outs of their personal skincare routines.

We asked all the questions, from their approach to skincare to issues they're dealing with, morning and evening beauty rituals, and the products they'll keep buying forever. In this week's column, Ex-Beauty Editor, Author, and businesswomanВ ZoГ« Foster BlakeВ kindly walked us through every single step in her expertly curated skincare routine. Having tried hundreds (if not thousands) of products in her lifetime, you know that all those which made the cut are seriously good.

Keep reading for all the skincare products a beauty editor-turned-skincare-entrepreneurВ swears by.


What's your approach to skincare?

It has to be simple, and effective, and, well, enjoyable, to be honest. Why use stuff you don't like, or which you regret buying because it gives no results? Silly. I went from a beauty editor doing a fancy 12-step routine, to a constantly traveling mum, and shit needed to get real. Fast. This is why I created Go-To. Skincare can be very simple and work very well if the ingredients actually do something. And if you lose all the synthetics and irritants, and actively calm inflammation, you're even further ahead. (Fun fact: At the core of all disease and aging is inflammation. Cute!)

How do you go about choosing products?

Apologies for the infomercial, but you walked right into this one… I use my entire Go-To range, cos I made stuff I want to use. And I had tried it all! I really had. Outside of my products, I use serums/toners targeting hyperpigmentation, deep-cleansing masks, and nourishing plant-based masks.

Do you have any skincare issues you're currently treating?

I'm breastfeeding, so my skin has been leeched of all the good stuff. It's very thirsty and more lined than usual, which seems unfair since I am sustaining someone's life, goddammit. To that end, I'm using a lot ofВ Face HeroВ ($34) and our new sheet mask,В Transformazing ($34), and also BiologiqueВ P50 to treat pigmentation.

What do you buy over and over again?В

Go-To Properly Clean $24ShopNars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer $45ShopGo-To Exfoliating Swipeys $35Shop

Walk us through your current morning routine.В

I cleanse with Go-ToВ Properly CleanВ ($24) first thing. Next up, I useВ Go-ToВ Face Hero ($34) all over.В Right now, I'm road-testing a lab sample of my physical sunscreen we're working on that's completely killing me. The final step is my Nars Pure RadiantВ Tinted MoisturiserВ ($45), and I'm good to go.В

Walk us through your current evening routine.В

Again, I'll use Go-ToВ Properly Clean ($24) to take the day off.В В ($45) Go-ToВ Exfoliating SwipeysВ ($35) come next (three times a week), followed byВ Go-ToВ Face HeroВ ($34) three times a week.В I finish with Go-ToВ Very Useful Face CreamВ ($31).В

Which experts do you look to for your personal skin upkeep?

I seeВ Melanie Grant in Armadale, and Brooke Holmes atВ Me Skin and Body in South Yarra. Both women are very knowledgeable, and up to date in the industry. I don't relax in facials; I talk non-stop about products, treatments, and routines. After all, Mel and Brooke see all skin types, all day, every day, and they really know their shit. I probably annoy the hell out of them, but that's their fault for being so good at what they do. Suck it, ladies.


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