How to Get a More Defined Jawline

How to Get a More Defined Jawline

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Defined, sharp jawlines have been a sought-after beauty look for as long as we can remember, so much so that celebrities have even gotten chin implants to get aВ more defined shape. And while we don't naysay anyone vying for a nip-tuck, we tend to err on the side of nonsurgical treatments. One of the best tips we've learned as beauty editors is how to contour to virtually change your face shape. Just a few swipes of a brown shade on the bridge of your nose, underneath your cheekbones, or along your jawline and you can completely trick the human eye into thinking your face is actually shaped differently. Pretty crazy, huh?

We got some foolproof tips for celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles and commercial makeup artist Romy Soleimani to learn how to fake a more defined jaw in about 30 seconds flat.

Scroll through to read their tips!

Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder $44Shop

Stiles's favorite contour for adding definition to the jawline is Kevyn Aucoin's matte bronze powder. She says that while some may opt to use a lighter color right at the edge of the jawline, she finds this to look "painted on," which is why she prefers a matte shade along the underside of the jawline. However, she warns you to be careful not to overdo it and use too much product, or the result can look "dirty."

Bliss Color Contour Blush Brush $22Shop

As far as the tools you'll need, Soleimani recommends a big fluffy brush. "Dip it into a matte bronzer making sure to lightly tap any excess powder off the brush." She loves the above brush from Bliss Color, which has a nice angle on it for cutting seamlessly into the jaw.

BareMinerals Blooming Blush Brush $24Shop

Soleimani also loves this angled brush from BareMinerals. "Swipe the brush back and forth under your chin to create a shadow. Move up the jawbone, applying very softly as you reach the line between ear and jaw. You want a very light contour to keep it looking natural-lightly buff and shade with just a small amount of powder," she explains.

For her favorite picks for jawline contour powder, keep scrolling!

Nars Bronzing, Laguna $39ShopVincent Longo Matte Bronzer, Sun-Kissed $32Shop

What's your favorite product to contour with? Sound off below!


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