It's Scorpio Season, Folks: Your November 2018 Beauty Horoscope

It's Scorpio Season, Folks: Your November 2018 Beauty Horoscope

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With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA,В Rose TheodoraВ is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using. Consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.


November:В deep, restorative truth-seeking

November 7: New moon in Scorpio. This season is about admitting where you were wrong, forgiving those who need to beВ forgiven (including yourself), and embracing those intense desires of a more heartfelt experience.

November 8: Jupiter enters Sagittarius.В This day is a major game changer. The planet of luck and expansion returns home to its birth sign, Sagittarius, where we will all seek more pleasure, travel, optimism,В and adventure!

November 15: Mars enters Pisces. You'll be motivated by spiritual matters, dreams, and inclination rather than fact, goals, or traditional ways of life. Focus on how others mimic your reality.

November 16: Venus wakes up in Libra.В You'll feel harmonious desires for union, peace, and more beauty. Trust that your life is reset and balanced now.

November 16 through December 6: Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. Slow down, take it easy. Focus on finding your inner truth and having more meaningful experiences. Now is not the time to make new travel plans, to buy new electronics, or to expect things to go as planned. Stay open and revisit the past to close open-ended situations.

November 22: The Sun enters Sagittarius. It's officially Sagittarius season! For the nextВ 30 days, we're all focused on living more authentically, on welcoming more adventure and taking more risks.

November 23: Full Moon in Gemini. Letting go of your need to rebuttal. Patience is key with this full moon. Surrender to needing to say the last word.

November 24: Neptune direct in Pisces. Stronger intuition, deeper insights, stronger dreaming power.

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Aries: The Unseen

Arriving at some sort of relationship equilibrium has been the focus of fall for you. Now the planet of love and harmony that's been reorganizing your life quite a bit finally wakes up on November 16. This means with your newfound clarity, you now know what you value and want in regard to relationships and partnerships. Perhaps you're ready to move forward; however, I'd give it a little more time. I realize that patience isn't exactly your forte, but it's worth the wait. Mercury will be retrograde October 23 through December 6, motivating you to work on the big picture. You've gained deep insight as far as what kind of peace you want to experience, but in regard to how that now fits into the big scope of things, you'll need to wait a bit more. Your spiritual and dream life is on fire this month, so direct some of your energy to the less tangible realms of your life now. Deep breathing is necessary for clear skin in November.

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Taurus: Investments

Venus, your planet of beauty and relationships, wakes up after spending the last six weeks retrograde. Venus reawakens in your work and health sector, bringing you new opportunities and re-infusing your routine with excitement. Neptune, the planet of bringing dreams to fruition via focusing on your feelings and intuition, wakes up on November 24, which will bring more opportunities forth via your friends and group association. Your focus in November is work and purpose. Ask yourself: What do you want to do with your time? And how can you really do more of what you love? How can you make that happen? Mercury retrograde is reminding you to reconsider how you share yourself with others. You are a seeker, searching for your truth in connection with others. Spend some time here this month. Your skin is in need of research, which means you should do some research about the ingredients you're using. In the meantime, keep things straightforward and quality.

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Gemini: Relationships

Your planet Mercury will be retrograde from November 16 through December 6, so while Venus (the planet devoted to keeping the peace in relationships) has reawakened and is gifting you with a big romance boost, it's not time to make a commitment just yet. This goes for business partnerships as well. Take a beat and let the other person (or people) pursue and woo you. Allow others to win you over; it's a healthier approach for you now. Neptune waking up in your career sector is waking up your creative insights about take new directions. The full moon is in your sign, which is especially potent if you're born on May 21 through May 25. Jupiter enters your relationship part of your chart on November 8, where it will be for the next year. Expect growth in relationships and an almost guardian-angel figure to protect you, blessing you as well. Allow things and people to reflect back to you where things are heading. Surrender a little of yourself for a higher cause.

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Cancer: Beauty

The planet of beauty, Venus, wakes up in the most important part of your chart: your home sector. This is exciting because this means that all the work you've been doing on your home to make it feel better will be enhanced, and things will feel more harmonious now. The new moon on November 7 paired with Neptune waking up November 24 means that you'll have mega support for moving in the direction that you feel more called to. Likely, that's more romance and a fuller life. This is especially true if you're born between July 1 and July 9. Be mindful that Mercury will be retrograde from November 16 through December 6 in your work and schedule sector; this means that when a trip is presented to you, wait a bit to plan anything.

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Leo: Passion

Neptune has been sleeping, which has felt stark to you, perhaps cold and barren when it comes to seeing the fruits of your labor or even desires. On November 24, Neptune wakes up. Paired with Pisces entering Mars, this month give a big boost to your intense feelings and passion, helping you to feel more connected and like there is a creative process leading you somewhere good. Venus direct in your third house means good news; just give it a while for the news to turn into something tangible. Mercury is retrograde from November 16 through December 6, so although things are moving forward. This is a still a process-one that you can envision and dream up in the meantime. Jupiter will enliven a big part of your life, bringing all kinds of fun and opportunities starting November 8, so you have something exciting to look forward to. Glowing skin is dependent on your diet now, so stay hydrated and eat well.

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Virgo: Home

Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be retrograde November 16 through December 6. This one isn't half bad, except that your idea about work and home life and what you want will be in conflict this month. November 24, the day that Neptune comes out of hibernation, is when you might feel pressure the most. Let go of what's expected of you and focus on nurturing the foundation that you truly want rather than striving to impress a boss or others. The new moon on November 7 is holding your hand in a new direction. Trust that what you know and say are in alignment. Your planet is asking that you spend a little more time focusing on comfort, your home, and self-care this month.

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Libra: Grace

Your planet Venus finally wakes up on November 16 after a brutal and intense journey inward. That same day, Mercury goes retrograde where it will be until December 6. However, this is a good thing for you! It means you have completely worked out the imbalances of your life and now need a little time to communicate the changes to those around you. Mercury retrograde gives you that window to take your time; it's a blessing that ensures a ton of grace if you'll just be a little more patient. Expect November to be focused on you and your beauty and for others to feel drawn to you-not just because of the way that you look but because you embody true grace. Relish in this month and watch things unfold in an exciting new way.

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Scorpio: Security

TheВ new moon on November 7 is a good place to start.В In fact, this new moon is like a personal newВ year for you. Really spend some time thinking about how you want to spend the nextВ 12 months, nurturing where your heart is invested. Acknowledge that you need soulful experiences and make a wish. Venus wakes up from her slumber on November 16 in your dream sector, inspiring more magic and strengthening your intuition. Trust what you feel. That same day, November 16, Mercury goes retrograde, which means that you'll need to seriously consider how you want to spend your time and money, and how you can feel more secure with yourself. Allow your skin to breathe this month by wearing less make-up and using a pore tightening mask.

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Sagittarius: Truth

Really, this month is about you. It will be your birthday soon, and the first part of the month is like a suspension and anticipation of what's to come. Hold the excitement in your heart, and allow Mercury retrograde to work out the kinks before the sun enters your sign on November 22. Mercury retrograde in your sign wants you to contemplate what is truth to you-what is right and true. What do you believe about experience? What is meaningful to you? Contemplate your shadow side of always wanting the grass to be greener somewhere else, or believing that you know all would be worth your time now. November is about getting the facts straight and valuing your experience so much that you want what feels good. Jupiter, your ruling planet, returns home to your sign on November 8, blessing you with major beneficial life changes if you're in the right place to recognize them.

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Capricorn: Big Picture

It's easy to get swept up in climbing the corporate ladder, or organizing your life. In fact, you more thanВ anyone have that five-year plan in place and that isn't a bad thing; only this month, you'll need to change your perspective a bit. Venus waking up on November 16 will bring a short window of recognition your way, but what's more important than that is your ability to intuitively respond to others, and this is where your heart is in November. Rather than focusing on goals this month, stay present with what is and who is around you. Enjoy this process. Mercury retrograde on November 16 inspires your more intuitive side. Spend as much time as you can in silent contemplation of what the meaning of life is for you rather than the markers of life themselves. Saturn is still in your sign, which means that your skin is in need of a deeper moisture.

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Aquarius: Individual

This month isn't exactly directed at you, yet somehow it feels like it is. Why? Because Mercury retrograde will be inspiring you to think about your contribution to the world, and this is a very Aquarian theme. You are unique; you do embody a unique perspective, yet how are you sharing that with others? Neptune and Mars will both be awakening the value section of your chart, making this perspective more personalized. The new moon on November 7 creates just enough tension so that you push your self further and become even more inspired about how your ideas are capable of changing the world. Yes, I'm serious. Lastly, Venus waking up sparks your interest in learning again. Think of November as a planningВ month, reigniting your faith. Ease into this space.

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Pisces: Soul

Your governing planet, Neptune, which foretells the way in which we dream, follow our hearts, and allow the less tangible realms of life to unfold in having faith, awakens on November 24. Expect to feel more like yourself, more at ease and like life is flowing more abundantly now. The new moon in Scorpio on November 7 reignites your faith even more. It may be that you are inspired to open a joint bank account or to plan something with a special someone in your life, but if you can wait a bit, there are changes taking place that only time will reveal. It may be that you will be busier than you thought or that you may be asked to travel for work. Mercury Retrograde is from November 16 to December 6. Don't plan anything until after that. In the meantime, enjoy this renewed sense of passion and stay there awhile.

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