It's Official: This Foundation Ruled at Fashion Week Australia

It's Official: This Foundation Ruled at Fashion Week Australia

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If I can say one thing with conviction, it's that thereВ are a lot of beauty products to be found backstage atВ Fashion Week Australia. We're talking makeup removers, brow gels, concealers-there's even glue sticks and sequins, if you really want to break it down. But from my observations backstage this past week, there's one makeup product that has popped up way more than any others: LancГґmeВ Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation ($60). It was used at Camilla and Marc, Acler, C/Meo Collective, and Albus Lumen, just to name a few, giving me serious reason to believe that it might be the holy grail formula so many of us are searching for.В

For my thoughts on the product, keep scrolling.В


Emily Algar for Byrdie Australia

First up,В the foundation comes in 40 shades, making it ideal for matching to models of different skin tones. It's also a high-coverage formula with a matte finish, which might sound odd for fashion week (becauseВ nude, dewy skin is often the look du jour), but LancГґme makeup director Lara Srokowski explains that it's actually a super versatile formula, depending on your desired level of coverage: "I mix it with theВ Advanced Genifique Serum ($210) for a dewier, lighter finish, and just buff into the skin where it's needed." Or, if it's fuller coverage you're after, use a brush or sponge to apply all over. So, you heard it here first-if you only shop one makeup product spotted at Fashion Week Australia, make it this one.В

LancГґme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation $60Shop

It's easy to find your exact shade too, just head to your nearest Myer beauty counter for a complimentary colour match.В