Listen Up, Blondes-Your Hair Needs One of These

Listen Up, Blondes-Your Hair Needs One of These

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So, you've heard about the dreamy results a great toner can have on blonde hair but don't actually know where to start. While toners used to be a secret weapon only professional hairstylists had in their toolkits, there's now a whole host of easy-to-use products that help tone your locks for a less brassy hue, preserve the shade for longer, and boost that mirror-like shine.

“The key to keeping your hair in good condition is to make sure that you're listening to your hair and treating it well,” says celebrity hairstylist Lisa Laudat. “For bleached or light blondes, the trick here is to make your color last longer by using a toning treatment.”


Designed to tweak the undertone (aka the base shade) of your color, toning products from silver shampoos to purple-tinted hair masks can all help when your dream shade starts to get a little too Simpson-yellow. They also work to replenish your tresses in the face of any lingering damage from your dye job. “As a blonde, you need to factor in the use of bleach and dye on your hair, so it's important to treat it properly and give it a little bit of love and care,” says Laudat.

“A toning treatment such as the Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo ($6) contains a violet pigment which works to counteract brassy tones and restores the brightness of your color, so you can prolong the time between salon visits,” says Laudat. “For warm-toned blondes, I recommend using the Liquid Blonde Colour Infusion Shampoo ($4) to enhance any golden tones and add shine.”

Need an intensive hit of hydration? Laudat also suggests using the Touch of Silver Intensive Conditioner ($6) as a hair mask and keeping it on your locks overnight.

If you're keener than ever to bring a toner into your hair regime, keep scrolling for the products we love right now to help keep your blonde looking its best.

The Best Toners for Blonde Hair

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo $6Shop

One of Laudat's favorites, this toning shampoo is a haircare icon for good reason.

Charles Worthington ColourPlex Toning Violet Conditioner $6Shop

Keeping blonde locks hydrated is key, as bleach and dyes can seriously dry out your strands. This conditioner helps cancel out brassy tones while replenishing any lost moisture.

Josh Wood Colour Give Me Sun Shade Shot $3Shop

An easy way to warm up platinum locks or counteract any green tinges, this Josh Wood toner is a breeze to apply at home. Just mix it with the creamy mask and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dilute Hair Color Mixer $16Shop

This multitasker is ideal for canceling brassy tones out of freshly bleached locks or mixing with a box dye for a cool pastel finish.

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy Toner $15Shop

If you fancy bringing a subtle hint of blush into your blonde, look to this gentle candy-colored toner from Scott Cornwall. It lasts up to eight washes and is free from peroxide and ammonia, so it won't damage your tresses.

Tips to Keep Blonde Hair from Turning Brassy

Ask your colorist about applying a glaze a few weeks after your color appointment to restore your hair cuticles and boost the color and shine. Also known as gloss, glaze fixes any brassiness or fading. We recommend L'OrealВ Couleur ExperteВ ($12).

Just like your skin needs sun protection, so does your hair. The chemicals found in hair dyes leave the hair cuticles susceptible to damage from UV rays, chlorine, and hard minerals in the water, causing the color to fade and turn brassy. Shield hair with a UV spray like Paul Mitchell Color Protect Locking Spray ($14).

Worried about your hair turning green from swimming in salt or chlorinated water? Rinse your hair thoroughly before diving in. Hair can only absorb so much water, so soaking it first gives you a little protection.

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