If You're Going to Douse Your Roots in Glitter, Do It Well

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You can hear it coming: festival season. And with it, an army of glitter-encrusted festival goers are on their way. A bit of sparkle is the beauty mascot of the summer season, after all.

If there's one place that gets a little more glitter attention than anywhere else, it's the scalp. Yes, glitter roots are arguably the biggest beauty trend to hit the fields and parks of the UK over the past few years. Like most festival beauty trends, they have us all divided. Either you're for glitter roots that look like sparkly dandruff, or you're of the camp that really couldn't care less about decorating your roots.

So if you're still desperate to give glitter roots another spin on this season's festival circuit, we have a little advice on how to bring things up to 2018.

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First things first, it's vital that you use only biodegradable glitter. Just like microbeads, glitter is fundamentally just minuscule flakes of plastic that enter our water systems and end up harming our sea life, so it's time to cut the issue off at the source. And thankfully, swapping to a more eco-friendly alternative is no longer tricky; everywhere now seems to stock biodegradable glitter, including ASOS.


Secondly, we reckon the easiest way to bring the look up to date is to opt for chunkier flecks of glitter. Take Ashish's backstage look (above) as proof-the sequin-size grains make the whole thing look more like a kaleidoscope of colour rather than a sandy patch of glitter. Apply in either a strict band of colour along the parting or opt for a shower of sequins.

Ready to give it a shot? Below you'll find the best biodegradable glitters the internet has to offer, alongside a couple of extra products that will keep your glitter roots in place the entire day.

Shop Glitter Root Kits

In Your Dreams Biodegradble Glitter in Pink and Gold $6Shop

In Your DreamsВ has great little glitter pots in a variety of colourways and combinations, and they're all 100% biodegradable.

Bumble and Bumble Sumogel $23Shop

This one is suitably sticky upon application but dries down to a near unnoticeable finish. Bumble and Bumble's offering makes for a brilliant, non-greasy glitter adhesive.

EcoStardust Biodegradable Glitter Pot in Silver $6Shop

Another biodegradable glitter brand that's really come to the fore of late is EcoStardust. Its glitter is especially chunky, so it's much easier to get out of the roots when it comes time to take a shower.

In Your Dreams Sunkissed Glow Fine Glitter Mist $7Shop

Prefer a little shimmer to full-on glitter? In Your DreamsВ offers this subtle glitter mist that leaves a light trail that washes out surprisingly easily.

EcoStardust Biodegradable Glitter Pot in Galactic $6Shop

EcoStardust also has finely cut grains of glitter in psychedelic colour combinations. This blue mix would look equally as good on blonde hair as it would the darkest brown.

Wild Glitter Biodegradable Vegan Glitter in Chunky Electric Blue $3Shop

Wild Glitter has managed to make its vegan- and environmentally friendly glitter so bright, and we can't help but love it.

Now to work on your festival makeup look…