Stop Everything: Glossier Just Released 2 New Shades of Generation G Lipstick

Stop Everything: Glossier Just Released 2 New Shades of Generation G Lipstick

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Courtesy of Glossier

For lipstick junkies and those of us whoВ aren't such huge fans alike, Glossier's Generation G is a godsend: a sheer, beautifully pigmented wash of color thatВ looks andВ feels like actualВ skin. They're slightly matte, but hydrating. No feathering, no smudging, no teeth checks necessary. Imagine that!

Generation G's four original shades are lovely and certainly suitable for every mood-we're particularly smitten with Cake, the perfect nude, and Crush, a bitten-lipВ sheer pink-but they have an undeniable warm-weather vibe, the cool tones perfect for spring and summer. So it was high time that Glossier rolled out not one, butВ twoВ more fall-appropriate hues. Zip, an orange-tinged scarlet, isВ a very welcome red from the brand. Meanwhile, Leo (this one's for you,В Romeo + JulietВ fans) is an appropriately '90s shade of sheer brown.В

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As with all Generation G hues, these shades start sheer and layer on beautifully for a more saturated pigment. We predict they'll sell out fairly quickly-make moves if you're hoping to test them outВ sooner rather than later.

What do you think of the new lipsticks? Tell us in the comments below.


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