You Can Now Tailor Your Fragrance to Your Star Sign, Thanks to Venustus

You Can Now Tailor Your Fragrance to Your Star Sign, Thanks to Venustus

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Do you love anything moreВ than a little advice from the stars? Astrology, especially horoscopes, are a fun (and for some, integral) source of guidance and inspiration for the month ahead. Aside from the obvious personality traits, each sign is often linked to a particular colour or precious stone, but now, you can finally shop a fragrance blended precisely for your star sign. Jeannie Bourke ofВ Venustus (of which we are seriously huge fans) has basically answered all of our astrology dreams, using a customised blend of essential oils to create a bespoke roll-on for each of the 12 zodiac signs.В

First cab off the rank is Aries, and Bourke explains her plan is to launch each new fragrance as we enter each respective sign. To learn a little more about "Aries" and to shop, keep scrolling.В

Venustus Aries Roll On Fragrance $69Shop

Sandalwood: Serene and in charge of your emotions, fully aware of your direction in life.В

Neroli: Brings you in touch with your higher self.

Cedarwood: Power, strength, and grounding. The ability to instil confidence and security in others.

Lemon: Positive approach, unshakeable confidence, and the ability to begin again.

Rosemary: Clear thoughts, ability to rise to the challenge.

Clary sage: To dream more. Useful for creative work.