How to Find (and Change) the Part in Your Hair

Most people have natural parts inВ their hair, whereВ the hair naturally falls on either side of their head. And while finding the natural partВ in your hair is simple, finding the place where your part would look best isn't always as easy. Depending on your face shape, the style you want to achieve, and your hair's texture you might want to consider changing up your part.

How to Find Your Natural Part

Start with towel-dried hair or dry hair. Brush or comb hair forward and then shake your head to see where your hair naturally falls. Once you see the place where each side of your hair parts, use a comb to create the perfect line using your natural hairline as a guide.

How to Create a Different Part

Middle parts and deep side parts are super trendyВ but aren't always natural for your hair. To create these, start by parting your wet hair where you want it to fall so it dries in place.

For a middle part, avoid a part that's exactly in the center of your head. AsymmetryВ is more natural looking, so aim for a part that's a half an inch or so on the left or the right of center. For a deep side part, start your part at the outer corner of the eye. Use a rat-tail comb to create a line and part the hair on either side.

What Parts Look Best on Each Face Shape

Here are some tips on what parts might look best on your face shape:

  • Long or Oval:В These faceВ shapes are suited best with a side part. Avoid middle parts which will elongate the face even more. Part your hair in line with the arch of your eyebrow.
  • Heart:В A heart-shaped face often looks best with a middle part which will elongate the face.
  • Round and Square:В People with these face shapes are lucky because you have two part options that work well for differentВ reasons. A middle part helps soften the edges of a square face and helps sharpen the roundness of a round face. A deep side part gives more of an angle to a round face and softens the angles of a square face.В

What Parts Work Best With Various Hair Textures

Some parts work better than others with different hair textures.

  • Curly: Naturally curly hair looks best when it goes where it naturally wants to. So it's not mandatory to try and create a part with curly hair.
  • Thick: Straight or wavy hair with a lot of volume looks great with center parts, but remember to avoid centering it exactly in the middle of your head. You want your part off just a tiny bit. This allows the thick hair to fall like sheets on both sides of the face.
  • Fine: If your hair tends to be on the thin side, try switching up the sides of your part to add body and oomph to the crown. When you switch your hair's part to the other side of your head, the roots will lift and give you more volume.В