"Autumn Leaves" Is the Latest Hair Colour Trend We Want In On

"Autumn Leaves" Is the Latest Hair Colour Trend We Want In On

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It seems like not a week passes us by without a new hair colour trend taking over our Instagram feeds. From "toasted coconut" to "rose quartz" hair, the shades and descriptions of these trends are pretty much infinite. No longer are hair colours categorised into blonde, brunette, redhead and brown-there are now pastel, neon and iridescent shades too.

The latest colour trend gaining traction in the Byrdie UK office? The "autumn leaves" hair colour trend. It's been all over our feeds recently, and we're not going to lie-we're into it. So what is autumn leaves hair? It's that spectrum of golden, red-toned hair that's not quite distinguishable as red, auburn or brunette. It's multitonal, three-dimensional and basically looks like a load of crisp, autumn leaves shimmering in the morning sun. Dreamy.

From fiery orange hues to subtle golden highlights, the autumn leaves hair trend pretty much encompasses a whole spectrum of shades. So if you're a blonde looking for a warmer hair update or a brunette wanting to go lighter, let this coppery hair update give you all the new-season feels. Keep scrolling for the autumn leaves hair colour inspiration you could ever need.

What's been your favourite hair colour trend? Let us know over inВ The British Beauty Line.


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