Instagram Star Camila Coelho Isn't Here for Being Inauthentic on Social Media

Instagram Star Camila Coelho Isn't Here for Being Inauthentic on Social Media

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The art of curating an aesthetic on Instagram is not easy; what used to be a fun digital photo album that you can share with friends is now used to create a personal brand. No one understands this better than an influencer. Bloggers, reality TV stars, and anyone beyond what a traditional celebrity used to be (actors, socialites, athletes, royalty, and the like) who have a large social media presence impact society in big ways-whether we like it or not.

While influencers sometimes get a bad rap for posting too many #ads on their social media platforms, many of them do understand that what they put out there has the power to move others. “We have a big responsibility on our hands with so many people following us,” says Brazilian blogger Camila Coelho. “You have to be careful with what you say and how you carry yourself. People can get inspired with so many things, and you don't want to send a negative message.”

Camila Coelho

"People think they need to be perfect. I try to tell my followers…  that they don't."

Coelho, who has six and a half million followers on Instagram and over a million YouTube channel subscribers, has a message for her fans, and it's an important one especially in the ever-changing world of beauty: You have to accept the way you are because the way you are is beautiful.

“My worry sometimes is that people think they need to be perfect,” she says. “I try to tell my followers on Instagram Story or YouTube that they don't. When I'm creating my captions, I always try to be careful on what I'm writing, because I don't want to influence people in a negative way.”

Camila Coelho

"You have to show people who you are; people have to look at your feed and know who you are."

Her Instagram feed may not be filled with #nomakeup selfies, and she may use her VSCO cam to filter her images (insider tip: she takes every photo under good lighting and always uses a filter from the same family group), but it's because she believes that Instagram is more than just a tool to share what you do while on vacation or show off your #OOTD. She does it to tell a story. Her story.

“When you tell a story, you inspire people more,” she says. “You have to show people who you are; people have to look at your feed and know who you are.”

When she's not doing makeup how-tos on YouTube, she is showing her fans her favorite things in life on Instagram. She loves to test out different beauty products: Her favorites right now include a detox serum from Caudalie, the lip tattoo from Dior, a bronzer from Givenchy, and the Tory Burch Bel Azur fragrance, which she collaborated with the brand on (“I love the beach, and I'm so obsessed with the ocean. It just translates so much to summer,” she says). She loves to travel and carries several face masks-one to solve every skin problem to cover all her bases-to keep her skin dewy and glowing.

While many would argue that editing pictures is in itself is disingenuous, she believes that it's authentic to who she is as a person-and that's all that matters. “My followers always appreciate my feed,” she says. “They says 'your images are so beautiful.' That makes me want to continue doing it that way.”

She hopes that others in her position join her in encouraging people that life doesn't have to be perfect. “The change I would like to see is more people with strong following to send that message more,” she says. It's a change we'd really like to see all-around, too.

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