"Toasted Coconut" Hair Is the New Way to Lighten Your Locks

"Toasted Coconut" Hair Is the New Way to Lighten Your Locks

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Ever heard of the Sunday Scaries? If Sunday is theВ day we look with trepidation toward a long, busy workweek, then August is itsВ seasonal equivalent. It's the end of sun-drenched days and the beginning of colder fall weather. That, our friends, is why we refer to it as the August Awfuls. But just because the seasons are changingВ doesn't mean we have to let go of all summery things. Highlighter will keep us glowing and highlighted hair will keep us looking sun-kissed.В

As for the latter, we just need to update our look to be seasonally appropriate. Instead of the bright, golden blonde balayage we've been seeing all summer, we're thinking of switching it up to something a little smokier. That's where Instagram's newest hair color trend comes in. According to Allure, the buzziest way to go blonde is by dyeing your hair a shade of "toasted coconut." Yes, that name makes us feel immediately hungry. No, it doesn't involve putting actual coconut in your hair (although we are not opposed).

Keep scrolling to see theВ hair color trend in action.

As you can see, toasted coconut hair is different from the traditional balayage we're used to seeing, as the highlights don't undulate with the hair's deeper tones. Instead, the hair starts off dark, before slowly transitioning to a true blonde color at the ends. As Ami Rexroth, a Baltimore-based colorist, told Allure, "It's a very rich, dark root that softly transitions and melts into blonder ends." Essentially, it's a modern 2018 take on traditional ombre hair.В

People who already have brunette hair will find this color trend especially easy to pull offВ since the base color is already there. All it takes is progressive lighteningВ on the ends.В

That also means it's a comparatively low-maintenance color. Since it's basically a more modern, updated take on ombrГ©, the hair will grow out naturally without any harsh lines or color separation. That's ideal. After all, just because summer vacations are coming to a close and we're heading back to work and school doesn't mean we're abandoning our laissez-faire summer beauty vibe. Low-maintenance hair color for the win.

If you want to stay as blonde as possible, model your hair after this look by expert colorist Johnny Ramirez. It's overwhelmingly blonde, save for sandy-brown hair at the roots.В

It doesn't have to be cool-toned blonde, either. If you prefer warmer, more golden-blonde hues, look to this example, also from Ramirez. It's a subtle take on the trend, with the lightest parts of the hair placed out front around the face.В

Proof that toasted coconutВ color suits any length, even-no, especially-a choppy lob.В

How gorgeous is this color on Nikki Lee, the co-founder of Nine Zero One Salon?

Here's another toasty hair color, also courtesy of stylistВ Shaylee Blatz at Nine Zero One. This hue looks almost exactly the same as a coconut latte. We'll match our hair to our coffee.

Once your color is done, pair it with tousled waves, like Nine Zero One stylist Morgan ParksВ did here. It's a winning combination, yes?

We'll end the toasted coconut hair inspiration with this image from Morgan Parks. These mermaid tresses… We can't look away.

In the meantime, be sure to check outВ the $8 drugstore dry shampooВ that we're officially naming the best in the world.


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