Your 2018 Zodiac Beauty Forecast: What to Expect in the New Year

Your 2018 Zodiac Beauty Forecast: What to Expect in the New Year

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When one year ends and another begins (see ya, 2017), it's only natural to wonder what's to come. Luckily, we have horoscopes for that. With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA,В Rose TheodoraВ is an expert when it comes to colour therapy and astrology.В Below she sharesВ astrological insights for your sign, as well as the products you should be using-consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.

Keep clicking for everything you need to know to prepare yourself for 2018.

"The end of the year is where things come to a blistering jolt of realisations for you. Your career and life goals are about to get a boost, and you're even more willing to work hard for the long-term goals now. Always chic-something sleek and black, like a new laptop case or liquid liner, would be ideal and representative of your new path this year."

"Remedying issues of intimacy and finances is where your focus lies as we approach 2018. Taurus will be travelling a ton in 2018 and focused on mental pursuits that elevate their status. This Venus-ruled sign loves quality gifts with a practical bent. Something travel-oriented like a passport holder orВ chic travel kit is what will resonate mostВ for you."

"For a Mercury-ruled sign like you, your planet will be going retrograde as the year comes to a close, getting you to really think about your beliefs and how you express yourself. You'll find that you're more focused on developing a deeper connection to your sensuality in 2018, which transcends your usual method of lighthearted flirting. Try a black lingerie set to inspire you to express your more sultry nature."


"2018 promises meaningful romance because you simply know yourself better. You're more inspired by your creative process and frankly, you aren't interested in wasting your time-you know your worth. Look for something colourful, thoughtful and well-made to inspire your creativity."


"You'll be more time-efficient this year, not wasting a second.В Your 2018 has more of a health focus; you're readdressing where things haven't worked and reclaiming your confidence the latter part of the year. You appreciate the more ornate aspect that life has to offer and feel better when yourВ makeup reflects this-opt for something rose gold."

"Look for something that helps you to appreciate the beauty of your environment while inspiring you at the same time. You're a detailed, thoughtful and heady sign, and you probably used your time off to clean out your makeup bag. This is a great idea because it'll motivate you to think of new ways of expressing yourself. You like things streamlined and efficient-make sure your new purchases are nude or easily wearable; otherwise, you'll throw them out in a cleaning frenzy."

"Ultra-sophisticated and chic, this Venus-ruled sign can expect to get a raise in the New Year. Life feels more rewarding when you get to the root of the issue rather than seeing things simply from the other person's perspective. You're focused on your inner life in 2018, and this means being more of a homebody now. Home is where you'll feel best, and spending it in a luxurious kimono makes all the difference."


"This year will be a lot. Imagine that everything is expanding and growing all at once. Sounds like a good thing, doesn't it?! It is! Though for a private sign like yourself, you can feel overexposed this year. Wearing something beautiful and bold can make you feel encouraged."

"This year is preparing you for a beyond magical 2019. That isn't to say that 2018 won't be a good one for you, but you'll need to integrate the past three years into your spiritual awareness. Ideally you'll take a trip somewhere, so invest in aВ travel-friendly products or something mystifyingly beautiful that really means something to you."

"Capricorn, 2018 promises adulthood for you. It will be filled will all sorts of responsibility and deadlines just like you crave. But be willing to see yourself through gentle eyes-in other words, you'll need to be gentle with yourself. Though you like nice things, you also crave practicality. Invest in something useful that makes you feel beautiful. Capricorn is synonymous with the skin organ, so a new skincare line is just what you'll need for this new journey."

"Aries, 2018 means you'll be reflecting on the past 12 years of your lifeВ and thinking about how to strategise for the future. The New Year gifts you with a more spiritual awareness and deep insights. Have a reading or seek spiritual support in the tarot-it'll be just what you need to feel empowered."

"For a mystical sign like you, understanding what's real versus an illusion is probably your biggest challenge. One of the reasons for this is you're highly intuitive and imaginative. A set of crystals will give you new insight for 2018."

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