These Are the Summer Microtrends We're Fully Invested In

These Are the Summer Microtrends We're Fully Invested In

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Been wearing the same makeup look since the beginning of the year?В Wouldn't know where to start to mix up your hair repertoire? Got that same nude mani booked on repeat? You, my friend, are in a beauty rut, but fear not-we're going to help you get out of it. It's our job to try new beauty trends as and when they appear onВ runways or social media feeds, but more often than notВ we'll sign them off asВ well-intentioned trials that didn't work out.

However, every now and then, we come across a beauty microtrend that fits seamlessly into our regimens. Makeup looks that truly resonate, hair trends that don't require a gazillion kirby grips and nailВ designs that remind you of the fun to be found in your beauty routine. Below, we've compiled the summer beauty trendsВ team Byrdie have tried, loved and recycled tens of times over in the past couple of months, and we're pretty certain you're going to like them too. Consider this your hit list of timely yet wearable looks to try before the summer is up.

1. Barrettes

Shannon Peter

Fringes are always a good idea-until the country is overcome by a crazy (albeit welcome) monthlong heatwave, that is. Sweaty hair stuck to the forehead just isn't chic, but thankfully using a barrette to anchor hair away from the face totally is. Deputy editor Shannon has been using this very Versace clip to peel her curls away from her eyes, whilst social media editor Alyss has amassed a pretty impressive collection of hair slides from Anthropologie.


Versace Medusa Hair Slide $160Shop

2. Soft-Focus Lips

Amy Lawrenson

This year saw an influx of powder lipsticks hitting beauty shelves, and whilst most were largely hit-and-miss, By Terry's made the whole matte-not-flat lip look possible. Editorial Director Amy Lawrenson has been wearing this punchy orange-red shade on and off for the past few months and is digging the soft-focus finish, especially as it comes without any of the cakey feel of regular matte bullets.


By Terry Lip Powder Essence in Red Carpet $18Shop

3. Mini Egg-Inspired Nails

Alyss Bowen

Why choose one nail color when you can have five? Well, that's exactly the kind of no-shits-given attitude social media editor Alyss exercises when at a nail bar, which is why she has spent most of the summer with this mini egg-inspired manicure on her fingertips. It's the toned-down pastel shades that elevate it from the multicolored manis you might have given yourself as a preteen.


Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in The Bee Side $18Shop

4. Lilac Eye Shadow

Shannon Peter

Lilac may look great in the form of this mega suit, but it's a much trickier territory to tackle when it comes to makeup. More often than not, the wishy-washy shade can look a little insipid, especially against medium-olive skin tones. But deputy editor Shannon is all for embracing the shade's weirdness-when dappled onto eyelids with wild abandon, it can actually look fairly ethereal. Just prep eyes with an eye shadow primer to amp up the color payoff.


Burberry Eye Colour Cream in Dusky Mauve $19Shop

5. Glowier-Than-Thou Skin

Amy Lawrenson

When isn't supremely glowy skin a trend? A sheeny complexion is the ultimate sign of good skin health. Amy's glow is the product of months of hard work with a derma-roller and this incredible Augustinus Bader moisturizer, but a face mist (especially one as hydrating as La Mer's) can fake the effect in an instant. Keep one on your desk so you can keep the dewiness intact.


La Mer The Mist $60Shop

What summer microtrends are you actively participating in? Come and tell us in The British Beauty Line.


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