4 Different Editors Try Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter

4 Different Editors Try Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter

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Charlotte Tilbury, queen of beauty, can do no wrong. Her lipsticks, shaped in a unique square bullet for precise application, hit the ball out of the park with every masterfully crafted shade. Her multipurpose Instant Look in a Palette is often replicated (but never duplicated), and her ultra-rich, skin-softening, insanely hydrating Magic Cream is made straight from angel tears. Hell, she could probably even launch a grill next, and I'm sure it'd char the best damn burger you ever ate.

So cue the internal screams when we caught word of her latest launch, Hollywood Flawless Filter, a "primer-highlighter complexion-booster." This may sound like a whole lot of claims for one bottle, but it's actually a perfectly accurate description. With its consistency-similar to that of a tinted moisturizer-you can either apply it as a primer, mix it into your foundation, or tap it on as the last step in your routine like a highlighter. Plus, the doe-foot applicator makes it easy to spot-treat, so to speak, and add subtle sheen to your Cupid's bow, the bridge and tip of the nose, and the inner corners of the eye.

The problem with many liquid highlighters is they're too heavy, and before you know it, your skin's ready for a music festival rather than the office. But Flawless Filter provides a much more buildable glow than a sparkle, like you've been Instagram-filtered in real life. It helps you feign healthy skin, even if you had a crazy bender the night before. And, most importantly, it comes in seven shades, because highlighters are certainly not a one-shade-fits-all product. Excited to test out its glow-giving prowess on the different skin tones in our office, four of us gave it a try and discovered our preferred uses differed vastly from person to person.


Skin tone: Medium-tan, yellow undertones

Product shade: 4 Medium

"I was a bit confused by this product at first. Is it a primer? A highlighter? A light-reflecting glow-giver? Turns out, it's all three. Unsure of how best to use it, I ended up just swiping it on my cheekbones, forehead, and nose with the doe-foot applicator, then blending it into my skin. Already, I was impressed-my skin looked glowy, and my pores seemed much less noticeable. In fact, since I had just gotten a facial, I probably would have just stopped here and been satisfied with what the product delivered. But I decided to apply my foundation over it, and sure enough, it provided a smooth, even base. Honestly, my skin was looking fire.

"Lindsey told me she used it as a highlighter, so I went ahead and tried that too, tapping it above my cheekbones and pressing it into my skin with my finger. By this time, my face was reflecting light like an orb-I was, quite literally, lit. I loved this product so much I brought it with me immediately on my trip to L.A., and I never bring full-size products with me when I travel. Primer, glow giver, highlighter-get you a product that can do all three!" - Faith Xue, editorial director


Skin tone: Deep brown, caramel undertones

Product shade: 6 Dark Tan

"When I read that this stuff brings the dew, I was game to give it a try. I take pride in knowing exactly how to perfect my face makeup so that every blemish is magically hidden and every pore looks invisible. So, anytime a new product comes my way that promises to give my face a 'flawless filter,' I'm skeptical, intrigued, and excited at the same time for its test drive.

"It was game time when I took this to Atlanta for a fancy hair show I was attending. I did a quick swatch on my jawline, which is the best place to test if a shade works for my skin tone. The red undertones were a bit too bright to blend perfectly with my complexion as an allover foundation, but I was in love with the texture. So, I gave its multitasking powers a whirl and mixed a few drops with my go-to Fenty foundation. The results = the ultimate glow-up. I was doing my makeup in an unforgiving hotel mirror, and the way my skin caught the light was insane. It gave my makeup a lit-from-within look, which was perfect for all the photos I'd be taking that evening. This will be in my back pocket when I need my glow to be turned up a notch." - Maya Allen, assistant editor


Skin tone: Light, yellow undertones

Product shade: 3 Light/Medium

"I did things a little differently with this one-rather than use it as a primer, mixed in with my foundation, or as an illuminator along the high points of my face, I went rogue. I usually go makeup-free during the day, so I applied it all over my face for what Charlotte calls a 'fresh, glossy, allover glow.' And, damn, is it glossy. But not in an overly shiny, sweat-slick kind of way. The formula does work as a filter, allowing for a wash of retouching as you apply. My lingering redness was covered, breakouts buffed out, and I felt a little bit like an angel." - Hallie Gould, senior editor


Skin tone: Fair, pink undertones

Product shade: 2 Light

"The polarizing New York City weather has been a huge buzzkill lately, especially for my skin's sake. It feels tight and dry and looks overall pretty lackluster, no matter how many serums and tonics I apply. I've found solace in the Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminzer to give me a quick glow-up, which works wonders for the most part, but still, I wanted more.

"After tapping Hollywood Flawless Filter onto the top of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and the center of my forehead, my skin had a noticeable in spring its step, like I'd just gotten an expensive facial. It's crazy, actually-there's no sparkle or shimmer, but somehow, when the light hits my skin, there's a fresh glow-like a baby angel. I could sleep in my makeup, binge on greasy food, and chain-smoke, and after applying this filter, you'd still think my skin looked next-level good." - Lindsey Metrus, managing editor

To see the filter in action, take a look at this video posted on Charlotte's own account.


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