How to Style a Ponytail Like Gigi Hadid

How to Style a Ponytail Like Gigi Hadid

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Gigi Hadid does many things well-slays runways, maintains an enviable squad, shuts down body-shamers, and most importantly, rocks a ponytail like no other. Whether it's for a black-tie affair or a stroll through NYC, Gigi Hadid's hair is always on-point. This supermodelВ can almost always be spotted rocking a pulled-back pony that seems to perfectly complement her outfit and/or makeup, no matter the occasion. So, the next time you're leaving the gym, going on a date, or heading to a formal affair and you don't know what to do with your hair, just ask yourself, What would Gigi do?

Keep scrolling for endless ponytail inspiration from one of our favorite top models!

Venturelli/ Getty Images

High and Tousled

A high ponytail with loose wavy ends was a casual complement to Hadid's colorful, formfitting mini dress. To re-create that beachy texture, spray the ends of your ponytail with Bumble andВ Bumble's Dryspun Volume Texture Spray ($31), tousle, and go.

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Slicked Back and Perky

Keeping it casual while walking around New York City, Hadid chose a high pony-one part slicked back, one part tousled.

Mireya Acierto/ Getty Images

Low and Loose

This fall, take a cue from Hadid's book by taking aВ loose, low ponytail and tucking it into your chunky sweater-chic in seconds.

Mark Metcalfe/ Getty Images

Softly Curled Ponytail

When rocking an LBD on the red carpet, the model wentВ full-on glamour girl with her beauty look, wearing a black catВ eyeВ and bright red lips. But in true Gigi form, she added a loosely curled pony to keep the look from looking too stiff. Start with a root-lifting spray (we like Living Proof's Full Root Lift, $28) to add body, and use a large-barrel curling iron to add the curls.

Melody Jeng/ Getty Images

The Model-Off-Duty Ponytail

The key to making your low, barely-staying-in ponytail look as cool-girl as Hadid's is the perfectly straight middle part. Line a fine-tooth comb up with the center of your nose to find your center part.

Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

Side-Parted, Sideswept Low Pony

To accentuate an off-the-shoulder dress and gorgeous drop earrings, Hadid rocked a tight, low ponytail and carried the ends over her shoulder for an effortless yet stylish statement.

Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Images

The Top-of-Head Ponytail

It doesn't get any higher than this. Anyone else getting Pebbles Flintstone vibes? We definitely are, and we definitely like it. To add a little polish, be sure to wrap the base of your ponytail with a piece of hair.

Marc Piasecki/ Getty Images

The Sleekest of Sleek High Ponytails

This look makes us want to flatiron our hair immediately. To try it, grab your favorite smoothing serum to prep your strands, a boar-bristle to smooth back your hair-bump free-and a can of hair spray and a toothbrush to tame any flyaways.


Super-Slick Center Part

Clean and simple-a slicked-back, center-parted pony is the perfect day-to-night hairstyle (just add lipstick).

Chance Yeh/ Getty Images

High and Messy

Embrace your baby hairs-Gigi Hadid does. Make your messy ponytail even messier by pulling out a few wispy pieces and, yes, your baby hairs.

Brad Barket/ Getty Images

Smooth, Deep-Side-Parted Ponytail

This slicked-back ponytail-and-smoky eye combination might be our favorite look of them all. The best way to get your ponytail to stay in place like Hadid's perfect 'do? Try the classic John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum ($12) for an ideal smooth finish.

What is your favorite Gigi Hadid hair moment? Sound off in the comments below!


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