Here's How Long It Actually Takes to Get Muscle Definition

Here's How Long It Actually Takes to Get Muscle Definition

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For those of us who aren't faithful gymgoers, it's easy to get anxious when we're not seeing immediate results. However, according to an article featured in Women's Health, patience truly is the key to success. Erik Kawamoto, strength and conditioning specialist and owner of JKConditioning, says that depending on the intensity of the workout and how often you exercise, it could take between four and eight weeks. One or two months doesn't seem so bad, right?

If you're looking for immediate results, Lee Boyce, C.P.T. and owner of Boyce Training Systems, says to focus on high-intensity interval training-otherwise known as HIIT-three to four days per week. “These combination workouts will boost your metabolic rate,” says Boyce. These types of exercises also help melt fat, which makes us want to jump for joy (at a high-intensity interval, perhaps).

However, one thing to remember is that despite the desire to get fast results, you still need to give yourself "off days" between workouts. If you don't, your body could be over-exerted or, worse, become injured. No, thanks!

Kawamoto adds that for best results, protein is a key addition to your daily meals. We recommend BulkSupplements Clean Whey Protein Powder Isolate ($28).

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