Adriana Lima's Hairstylist Spills DIY Hair Mask Recipe

Adriana Lima's Hairstylist Spills DIY Hair Mask Recipe

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Adriana Lima has modeled as a Victoria's Secret Angel, for makeup mega-brand Maybelline, and as the cover girl for the largest international magazines in the world. Long story short, we tend to think the Brazillian model has reaped the intel to back up her incredibly successful beauty routine. So when her hairstylist, Alfredo Lewis,В who trained under celebrity stylistВ Lorri Goddard-the woman responsible for #blondifying Kim Kardashian and all threeВ Olsen ladies-talks DIY secrets, we pay attention.В

Lewis shared his super-easy (and completely natural) DIY hair mask, saying, “There's one at-home remedy that I have loved for years.” He continues, “Take one banana, two tablespoons of mayonnaise, and one whole avocado. Mash them together in a bowl and apply as a mask to seal moisture into the hair follicles. Put a plastic cap over the hair and let it set for approximately 45 minutes.”В

No time for DIY but still in need of hair rehab? Lewis, who is an ambassador and educator for the brand, suggests trying b3 Instant Restore & Protect Reconstructor ($36). He raves, “It's a new product that protects against breakage and helps strengthen and reinforce hair bonds. It also gives intense hydration and prevents color fading.” В

What at-home tricks do you swear by to revive colored-treated or overprocessed hair? Sound off below!


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