Attention, Beauty Lovers: We're Holding Our First-Ever Pop-Up

Attention, Beauty Lovers: We're Holding Our First-Ever Pop-Up

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Beauty lovers, rejoice. From December 1 to 15, we're bringing the Byrdie digital experience to real life with our first-ever pop-up, Byrdie Beauty Lab, in New York City. We've curated over 200 beauty products for you to test-drive, play, and experiment with based on all the things we love and talk about at Byrdie HQ. And you're invited! Join us in SoHo at 393 Broadway from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. We'll be open Wednesday to Sunday. (Further details below.)

So what's in store for the beauty laboratory? Incredible master classes from leading experts, such as esthetician Joanna Vargas and celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook, who will guide you through the season's top trends and best beauty tricks. Learn how to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin; create your own signature scent; try the coolest new tools on the market; and spend some quality time with celebrity stylist Jen Atkin at our meet-and-greet. Plus, our team of Byrdie editors will be available to answer all your burning beauty questions. Naturally, there'll be plenty of samples, surprise giveaways, and Instagram moments too so we can celebrate the best in beauty together.

You can find more information and view the full master class schedule on the event page, and here's a nifty little graphic for you to pin and save the date.

Can't make it to the lab? You'll be able to shop the experience on starting December 1.


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